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“Dance with all you are. Sing with all your heart. When you love all you do, what’s in your soul… will move the world.”


Something that has always been in my nature is creating and making things for others to bring them joy. I got started as a dancer at the age of two. As I grew older, I discovered that acting, modeling, and choreographing were also creative outlets for me. I have made it my mission to carry this creativity with me into a career that really fulfills me.

Since childhood, I’ve reached people through my performances. The part that is the most rewarding to me is the power of a new perspective I can bring to people. Performing brings me happiness as I express my ideas and make meaningful impressions. The passion for giving to others by showing them a new point of view through powerful physical art is something that I do not believe can be taught, which is why I consider this quality important. I am proud of the hard work and dedication I have invested into my career. The fact that I’ve persevered through the good times and the bad has become part of who I am today: driven, passionate and ambitious.

The support of my family and friends has contributed to my personality and carries over into how I approach my projects: with humility and dedication. I believe that this is another part of me that I can use to convey important meaning and encourage self-expression in others everywhere.

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