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Day#2: Gypsy


Day 2 of 31 days of Halloween…GLAM GYPSY!

You can make this look as clean or as messy and crazy as you want. I went for the crazed look.

Product details: You don’t need a ton to achieve this and of course, you can go with any color palette that suits you best.

Ttdeye Contacts in the color Queen Green.  As I mentioned before, this brand is great for me because I’m blind as a bad and they can make any contacts in my prescription!

I felt it was fitting to add a choker with a charm. Mine is from Tilly’s. This shape is pretty popular as far as charms on chokers go. It doesn’t have to be one like this, but I thought the crescent moon went well with the look, pulling in a Fortune Teller sort of vibe.

My Silver Wig is from Amazon and I love it so much for many different kinds of looks.

I tied a patterned scarf around my head to really sell it. The one I used is my Mom’s from her 1980’s scarf collection. I bet she’s proud to now be able to justify keeping all those. You can use any head scarf, doo-rag, what have you. I really couldn’t tell you where my earrings are from, but they’re hoops, so just throw on some dramatic drop earrings or your biggest hoops!

Coat on some foundation and concealer under and on top of the eyelids (to kill two birds with one stone, highlighting and priming the eyes at the same time), then set it all with the RCMA No Color Powder. I contoured a bit using a taupe shade from the Saucebox Etude Palette as well. We want our Gypsy to look hollowed out and more sullen.

Depending on what color and how naturally thick your brows already are, but you want them to be large and in charge. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in the shade Dark Brown for the eyebrows. The idea was to give the brows a dark base to then paint on Mehron Hair White over the top for a messy look. You’ve heard about the people whose hair turn white after being struck by lightning, right? That was the method to the madness behind the brows and the lashes. Hence the silver wig. As far as the eyelashes go, I didn’t coat them in any mascara, I just painted the same Mehron Hair White paint onto a spoolie (blank mascara wand…you can find them here) and coated my lashes with it on the top and bottom.

Before adding in any detail around the eyes, I laid down some purple and pink eyeshadows from the Morphe 35U Palette over top some Makeup Forever Flash Colors in no.025 (hot pink) and no.006 (indigo). P.s. these colors are also in the original Makeup Forever Flash Palette, which can be found here. If you wanted to go with another color palette for this look, you can find some variety and even custom mix colors from this palette to create a base for eyeshadow. If you’re a pro makeup artist, you’ll likely know this trick. But I digress.

Using the dark grey shade in the Saucebox Etude Palette, I smoked out the crease and underneath my lower lash line. With the remainder of the product on my brush, I faded the color down my cheeks under each eye to darken the vibe and to give a base for paint “tears” next. Then, using Kryolan Aqua Color paints in black and, white with a detail brush, I painted streaks downward over the light shadow base, coming from the lower lash line toward my cheeks and tapering off at the ends. Think about lightning again when creating these lines. I laid down some lash glue from Eyelure in the same streaky lines in between the painted lines to adhere some silver glitter. I got mine in a pack of 16 from Walmart and the texture is pretty fine. But I think chunky glitter might look great with this look as well.

To give some iridescence to the eyeshadow, specifically on the inner corners of the eyes, I used Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in the shade Cube from the Subculture Palette.


After applying MAC Odyssey lipstick, I patted some of that same Cube shade in the center of my lips. It helps that this lipstick is already a frost formula because I wanted to tie back into the metallic texture going on under the eyes with the glitter.

As a last minute finishing touch, I decided to take the Mehron Creamblend stick in white and paint large circles above my brows and smaller ones below my brows on the browbone. I tried to make them smaller and smaller as I moved outward to keep the focus right in the center of the face. 

And that’s it! You’re a Gypsy Fortune Teller. But do me a favor and try not scare too many people out there with the GRAVE DANGER thing. Happy Day 2, and I’ll see ya tomorrow, beauties!

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