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Day#29: Pink Abstract Skull

Pink Abstract Skull

Welcome to day 29 of 31 days of Halloween! Today’s look is this avant garde, abstract pink skull. I was strongly inspired by a very talented artist who goes by @eric_c_duhh on Instagram, who makes the most incredible face charts. I think this post will be particularly valuable to those of you out there (especially makeup artists) who want to learn how to follow face chart while making the design your own at the same time. In my case, I drew inspiration from the character and theme of the chart in general and switched up the colors and placement to make it fit my face. The decision to add face jewels came from another incredible artist I follow on Instagram who goes by @simplesymphony. Now that I’ve given credit where it is due, let me explain how to create this look.


Since this look is very abstract and is not necessarily meant to be anatomically correct, I don’t think it would be necessary to pair it with a full on skeleton costume. It may look better with a fun pink, glittery cocktails dress. I threw on a wig because I felt the blonde would make it feel more glamorous and compliment the diamond face jewels, but go for whatever hair color you’d like. You can find the wig I have here.


I actually used glitter paper with adhesive backing to create some of the shapes in the makeup such as the “teeth” and wing-shaped eyelids. The face chart utilizes a gold color for these features, but I decided to go with a sparkly silver instead. Whatever colored paper you decide to use, keep in mind that you’ll need to stick it on. If I were to wear the look I created out and about, I probably would have added more adhesive (eyelash glue) to the back of each little piece to ensure them wouldn’t come off of the very mobile areas where I put them. I would recommend you plan on gluing down these pieces more securely as well. That being said, try not to use paper that will not hold up or will fall apart with an adhesive added to the back of it.

First, I cut out my eye “wings” you can make them large enough to cover your whole lid, like I did, or smaller to mimic the look of a winged eyeliner shape. Make sure you do them for each eye, making them as symmetrical as possible. Next, I made the little strips that accent underneath the brows. Lastly, I created the teeth by cutting little triangle shapes in a couple different sizes.


Surprisingly, this look requires very few products. First outline your eye sockets and the area where a contour under the cheek bones would normally go. I basically just followed the placement of the face chart, and you can see the right placement by also referencing my photos. I set that with black eyeshadow to make it as matte as possible. Make a small nose cutout shape as well. Lastly with the black paint, I filled in my eyebrows in the shape I normally would. My favorite black paint, as you may have noticed if you’ve been keeping up with my whole 31 days of Halloween makeup challenge, is by Snazaroo

I didn’t bother putting down any foundation on the parts of my skin that were showing which had no makeup or paint on them. If you do feel it necessary to cover those areas, do so with a small brush, around all the other makeup at the very end.Moving on to the pink skull outline. For all the pink you see, I used the Make Up Forever Flash Color- Fard Gras no.025. This color does come in the famous Make Up Forever Flash Palette, which I highly recommend for every makeup artist. Start with the general shape outlines and fade the color toward the center of the face. The harshest lines of color should be at the temple cut outs, the cheek bones, and around the edges of the black paint. When you’re done, you should almost look like you have a pink mask on, with the highest concentration of color being around the eyes and nose. Also cover your lips with this color and feel free to set all the creme paint with a corresponding matte eyeshadow. The center of the forehead, the chin, above the upper lip, and the apples of the cheeks should be virtually bare. Around the edges where the color was most concentrated, I shaded with some black eyeshadow from the Saucebox Etude Palette.

The eyes are very simple, after you put on false lashes (optional), stick on your adhesive-back silver paper pieces. Stick the little triangle pieces over your lips as well. Now with white Snazaroo paint, outline all the black areas: nose, eyes, and jaw lines. Lightly pat the remainder of the pink creme product you have left on your brush over the white once it is dry to give it a pink tint. For the finishing touch, I stuck on some of the all in one face jewels by The Gypsy Shrine in the style by Sophie Hannah Richardson.


That’s it for Day29 and thank you so much for following along. I’ll see you again tomorrow for more tips and tricks, and of course…treats!

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