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Day#24: Angel


Day 24 of the 31 days of Halloween makeup challenge is this beautiful Angel look on my fabulous model, Natalie. I wanted to focus on a very achievable and wearable costume look that is also not too over the top or cheesy. I came up with this soft glam Angel concept and I felt it was perfect to include in the challenge because I wanted to showcase that there is such beauty in simplicity. Creating something gorgeous and impressionable doesn’t have to mean a lot of skill or products are required. Let me show you!


Continuing with the popular choice of where to get cheap costumes this season, I got the set of Angel wings and Halo from Walmart. I created the feather chest pieces myself. All you need in order to do that part is a hot glue gun, some white feathers to match the costume, and an old pair of false lashes to glue them onto. The lashes I used for this were from the 99 Cent store, so I didn’t mind sacrificing them for this look. I literally just glued the feathers onto the false lash in two layers and snipped off the ends of the feathers that extended past the lash base that I later glued to Natalie’s chest. For the hair, I felt that a silver/grey wig worked perfectly. I almost did a platinum blonde wig, but I decided the silver would help pull together the silver glitter on the body and in the makeup.


Believe it or not, the eye look is super simple and only required 4 eyeshadows! First, I blended the Saucebox Cosmetics dark grey shade from the Etude Palette into the crease of the eye, pulling the shadow outward and upward as well. After a couple layers of that grey, I went in with a small brush to deposit Corrupt, a black Makeup Geek eyeshadow onto the very outer corner of the eye. I then blended that into the grey seamlessly, keeping most of the pigment at the lash line. Over the whole lid, fading over the grey shadow, I placed a holographic/metallic silver shadow called Rockstar, aslo by Makeup Geek. Lastly, I blended everything together and went over the whole thing lightly with Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma beige shadow to create a seamless blend. To add in some iridescence, I applied a glittery white shadow called Polyester Bride, from the Ammo Palette by Urban Decay onto the tear duct areas and the brow bones. I skipped eyeliner to keep everything soft-looking and just added some false lashes, stacked, from Daiso dollar store. P.s. I’ve mentioned it before in this makeup challenge, but I’ll say it again…the Daiso glue is awesome and I highly recommend it! I added the dark grey Saucebox shadow on to the outer edges of the lower lash line and coated the bottom lashes in mascara, just to keep the under eye area cohesive with the lid.


Instead of foundation, I went with a very pale grey body paint to cover Natalie’s face and neck, chest area. I wanted to make sure the Angel looked porcelain-like, but not straight up white and ghostly. I used the Kryolan Aquacolor paint that is water activated for this step. I didn’t bother filling in Natalie’s brows, but rather just played off of the good shape she already has and coated the tails of them lightly in Mehron Hair White. I lightly contoured the cheekbones, temples, jawline, nose, and collarbones with the same Saucebox grey shade. For some added color on the cheeks, I stippled on some Snazaroo Turquoise paint that was a pretty dry consistency. For the lips, I kept it natural with a purple iridescent lipgloss, very lightly pigmented.


Now its time to pull out those feather neck pieces made with the hot glue gun. Using Sprit Gum, I stuck the little feathers onto her chest, just below the collarbones. Don’t use the spirit gum unless you also have the remover. Once I pressed the feathers down firmly, I started adding layers of Ben Nye Liquid Latex to start blending the edges of each feather piece into the skin. To read a fuller description on liquid latex, see this post. I also powdered the area after everything dried to remove the shine.


All my glitter and foil are from Walmart. Adding the glitter is not difficult, just be prepared to have glitter follow you everywhere after this step- it can be pretty messy. With a white disposable makeup wedge sponge from the dollar store and some Ben Nye Final Seal setting spray, I picked up and applied the glitter. On the very tops of the cheekbones, I added some silver glitter that had little silver stars in it. The neck mainly just had iridescent glitter mixed with fine, silver glitter. The chest had more chunky pieces of silver glitter. I made sure to tap on some silver foil flakes (from Walmart) onto the base of the feathers, with chunky silver glitter spreading out from there. Lastly for the details on the face, I glued little columns of white pearls that I got in a pack from Michaels’s. Feel free to omit this part or change the shape/design of the pearls’ arrangement to best suit your face. To adhere them, I used the adhesive that came with the glitter from Walmart, and it worked surprisingly well to get all the pearls on efficiently. After all of this, I sprayed Natalie generously with the Final Seal spray and stepped outside to take some beautiful photos.


That’s all for Day 24, so I’ll see you tomorrow for an extra special follow up to this look. Make sure to check it out! Happy 31 days of Halloween!!!!!

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