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Day#8: Jigsaw


Do you want to play a game?…..

I’m SO excited for the new movie in the SAW series coming out this season- Jigsaw! To celebrate, I had to do a jigsaw inspired makeup look. If you’ve seen the movies, you know I’m referring to the creepy puppet thing riding a tricycle that haunts you for days after watching. This is actually one of the easiest looks to achieve in the entire series! You only need a couple products.

You’ll need:

  • Snazaroo black and white face paint
  • A red liquid lipstick (mine is Redrum by Jefree Star), OR red face paint
  • A black wig (I scored big and got mine from none other than the 99 Cent Only Store!)
  • A red bowtie (mine is from Party City)
  • A white collared shirt with a black sweater over the top (if you’ve seen my Wednesday Addams look, you’ll see I repurposed it for this look- the shirt part of the costume I used is exactly the same)
  • Black pencil eyeliner
  • Black and grey eyeshadow (mine are from the Etude Palette by Saucebox Cosmetics)

Step 1 is to get your get-up together. Put on your costume, wig and pop in some contacts. Red eyes will really sell it, but you always have the option of painting red eyeballs onto your eyelids (with face paint, not liquid lipstick) at the end. You can contour your face with grey eyeshadow, but this part is optional. Mess up your wig a bit to make this more creepy. Back comb it and rough it up. Then set it with some hair spray if necessary to keep it looking…awful.

Step 2 is to cover your face in white paint. Leave your eye sockets bare, though. We’re going to be putting black in there and you don’t want it to come out grey by putting white down first. Take this color down your neck also and make sure your collar extends over the point where you stop this color so that it looks cohesive.

Step 3 is to grab your black paint and start filling in the Puppet’s mouth lines…yes, that is the technical term. Okay not really, but we’re basically just trying to paint on those Puppet-like vertical lines, as if our mouths could really detach nutcracker style. Shade on the sides of each line to give some dimension.

Step 4 is to fill in your eyebrows with the black paint and messily apply it in your eye sockets. Cover as much skin as you can, but obviously be careful not to get it in your eye. P.s. the paint I used is water activated. If you use alcohol activated paint this close to your eyes, that could be a disaster. Once its dry, go over it with black eyeshadow and blend out the edges. Make it messy. This is not meant to be a cute puppet and doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 5 is liquid lipstick! Take some (or red paint) on a detail brush and start creating the red swirls on either cheek. Take your time, this is the most difficult and time consuming part. To give yourself a guide and to make sure they are relatively symmetrical, trace the outside of a round container (like a gel eyeliner pot, for example) in a semi-circle to start the swirl shape off right. Going from large to small or small to large is going to depend on whatever is easier for you. Make sure you hold the brush the same way, at the same angle that you do on the right as on the left. When we do the same side of the face as our dominant hand (for me, its the right) first, we can get it down perfectly, but the other side comes out wonky and weird because we have to cross that dominant hand over to the other side of the face. If you try to hold the brush the same way, and rally watch the angle from which you approach the painting, it will be much easier to get them looking the same on both sides. Don’t fret if you mess up. Wait for the red to dry completely and go back in with some more white on a clean detail brush to clean up the edges and the overall shape. Make sure to go below your swirls with some grey eyeshadow after that paint is dry to create those really circular cheeks that are very prominent on the Jigsaw character.

Now cover your lips as normal. To make that creepy puppet smile, extend the corners of your mouth and you can even make the edges turn upward just a bit. Pat some black eyeshadow onto the center of the lips after the lipstick is dry.

And now you’re ready to go play some games and scare the crap out of people! Happy day 8 of 31 days of Halloween and I’ll see you tomorrow!




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