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Day#7: Bride of Frankenstein

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Bride of Frankenstein

Day#7 is upon us! This is my modern take on The Bride of Frankenstein. I felt the look photographed best in black and white, but I’ve included some color photos in the gallery to help you see it better if you’re trying to recreate this.

Before anything, pop in whatever creepy contacts you want to use. Mine are called Zombie Curse and they are prescription from ttdeye. As I always say, I love that I can even get the creepy contacts in my prescription.

Start with any foundation. Go a bit lighter than you normally would to give that sickly sort of feel. Prime your eyes and go over all the high points of your face with some concealer. powder everything with some setting powder. If you’ve been following this makeup challenge, you know that my favorite is the RCMA No Color Powder.

Now let’s move on to the eyes. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette, I blended a good amount of the grey eyeshadow into the crease as a transition shade. Next, I used an angles liner brush with a bit of black eyeshadow from the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette to create an exaggerated cut crease. As you can see in the photos, I winged out the end of this line quite far out and up. We want it to be dramatic. What that means is I traced the shape of the crease of my eye just slightly above my actual crease so that it is still visible when my eyes are open and looking straight forward.We want to leave the lid space under the black line light and clean for right now. With a small bullet brush, blend out that line toward the brow bone, but don’t blend too much to the point where you lose pigmentation. From the same palette, I used the dark green shade to blend that black color upward. Overlap the green onto the edge of the black and the next lightest shade coming next will help blend out that green shade when layered slightly at the edges this way. Now blend a lighter green eyeshadow from the Morphe 35U Palette upward, slightly above the dark green and overlapping those edges. You should end up with a gradient effect from black to green to light green. Then, with the MAC paint pot in the shade Soft Ochre, carve out the lid space and enhance the sharpness of the bottom of the black line with a flat synthetic brush. Concealer will work for this step as well. Make sure to set that with a white eyeshadow. Under the lash line, use the same three colors, black, dark green, and lighter green to make that same gradient.Next, apply black eyeliner on the top lash line in a long wing shape. I used my trustee L.A. Girl black liquid eyeliner. Use a black pencil liner in your lower waterline. Coat your top and bottom lashes in some mascara and you’re ready for false lashes. The lashes I used are the Flutter Lashes Erstatz collection in the style Intoxicating and I glued those on with my DUO dark tone lash glue. All done with the eyes!

If your eyebrows arch quite a bit or have a really long tail, you may want to block out the whole thing. But I decided to only block out the tail ends so that I could draw on a more straight and bold shape. For a full description of how to block out brows, check out this post. Next, to get the darkest black color possible, I grabbed my Mehron Paradise Paint palette and used the water activated black to fill in my eyebrows. Make sure to keep them as straight as possible, to keep true to the real Bride of Frankenstein. If you google her and see the old black and white photos of her brows, you can see how straight they are and that they go in kind of an upward slant toward the tail, as opposed to a normal brow that curves down at the end. Make sure your paint is not too wet, otherwise you’ll start to dissolve the glue you used to block out your natural brow tail. You can highlight your brow bone with the white shadow in the Morphe 35U Palette after all this is done.

Now do your contouring with a grey-toned or cool-toned color. You can use the same grey shade from the eyeshadow part from the Subculture Palette. Make sure your cheek contour is especially strong and more of a wide/thick line than normal. Make sure to shade your temples, under your jawline, and your nose as well to balance that color on the rest of the face. Next….my favorite part…stitches! Go back to the black body paint and draw on little black X’s through that contour line under the cheek bones with a small detail brush. At the ends of each black line, where the stitch would be pulling at the skin, shade in a semi-circle shape with the black eyeshadow we used earlier. With white body paint, highlight the area right next to that black shading to give it the most dimension possible.

On the lips, I kept it simple with black lipstick from Wet N’ Wild Fantasy Makers. You can go for red as well for a more glamorous look. Fun fact, most red lipsticks, when photographed in black and white, will come out black. It just depends on where you are going in this makeup/ what you’re trying to go for with this look. You could totally have it black in a black and white picture, and then have it red in person at a Halloween party. Or just go black from the get go and have that for both. You have options. Even a dark green lipstick would look cool too!

For some finishing touches, I grabbed my Rubie’s fake blood from the Halloween store and went to town (you can also find fake blood at walmart and target this time of year). Using the handle of a makeup brush, I dipped into the blood and applied a bit to the insides of my nostrils, at one of the corners of my mouth and slightly over the bottom lip, and randomly over/around the stitches. Be careful around the stitches because you don’t want to¬† smear the paint job.

I kept the hair as simple as possible because I can’t begin to imagine how to achieve the Bride of Frankenstein’s classic hair (wavy, teased up into a sort of bee-hive do, with white streaks). The truth is, I suck at hair. I can do makeup…but not so much on the hair. SO, I created a teased ponytail and clipped in some single white hair extensions on either side of my head. Mine are from Party City, but you can probably find this on Amazon somewhere for cheaper. I enhanced the white color and blended that into my roots as best I could with Mehron Hair White paint. An easier option might be to pick up some white hair spray paint.

There you go! Modern Bride of Frankenstein!! And an excuse to wear your wedding dress one more time. We made it through a full 7 days of this makeup challenge! I’ll see ya tomorrow for more #31daysofhalloween!

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