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Day#25: Devil


How could I do an Angel in this 31 days of Halloween makeup challenge without doing a Devil look?! Although she’s badass, she’s still a little glam with a bunch of glitter. Here’s exactly how to do it!


I made the horns myself, but you always have the option of buying some at the Halloween costume store. I used the Crayola Model Magic (white) air-drying moldable clay to craft these horns. I’m not much of a sculptor, but they came out pretty good! All you have to do is mold the clay into the shape you want and let it sit overnight to set in that form. My horns had a twist pattern, but you can make them any way you like. When they were dried into shape, I painted the little black lines into the divets of the twists and painted over the whole thing with red body paint. The paint I used was the Snazaroo black paint and the Mehron Paradise Paint in red.

My natural hair was just fine for this look, but a wig is always an option. My contacts are the style Innocent White by Desio Lens and are amazing quality prescription lenses. I recommend using contacts that in some way contrast the colors in the makeup look. I wanted this Devil design to be more glamorous than scary, so I opted for a natural yet striking blue. For more drama, maybe use a contrasting color such as green, white, or yellow to really make them pop. My brown eyes, in my opinion, didn’t add enough drama, but its all up to your preferences!


The very first thing I did was attach the horns I made to my forehead. For this, I used Spirit Gum to glue it on. As I’ve said before in previous posts, do not use Spirit Gum without the special remover that goes with it. Apply it directly to the skin and it will become tacky when it is ready for the horn to be placed down. Hold it in place for a few seconds and make sure it feels secure. Then grab your liquid latex and cotton balls to start building up the area around the base of each horn, where it connects to your skin. I used the Ben Nye Liquid Latex, which dries down to a pinky flesh color. The idea is to end up with a blend from horn to forehead that is as seamless as possible so that it really does look like the horn is growing up out of the skin. For a more detailed description of how to use the liquid latex and cotton technique for creating special effects, see this post. After everything is completely dry, cover the liquid latex with the RCMA No Color Powder to take away the shine. I painted partially over the latex with some of that Red Mehron paint to blend the horn color into the forehead, but left the very edges of connective latex to be colored over with foundation.


After the paint on the horns dried, I blended a foundation that matches my skin tone (L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation) slightly overlapping the edges of the red painted horns to blend those colors together. It should look like the red horns have grown out of the forehead, poking through the skin. I then blended the foundation over the rest of my face. I also concealed under my eyes and prepped the eyelids with the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, and set everything with the Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder. I filled in my eyebrows as I normally would, but with black body paint. The lips are probably my favorite element of the whole look. The inspiration for making them black, elongated, and upturned comes from the image I picture when I think of a little Devil- pin-up style with a black gotee and a huge creepy smile. Using that same Snazaroo black paint, I filled in my lips and extended the ends in the same style as I did for the Jigsaw look, earlier in the 31 day challenge. Adding in these stark black brows and lips, and later the eyeliner really tie in a nice contrast to the girly glitter we’ll have at the end. You’ll want to add a frosty white highlighting powder to the tops of the cheekbones, but first…

Contour time! In the hollows of my cheeks, slightly on the temples, on either side of my nose, and in an upside down triangle shape on the top center of my forehead, I shaded first with Corrupt, a black shadow by Makeup Geek. After blending that in a bit, I layered another shadow, this time a deep red called Cherry Cola on top, also by Makeup Geek. To see what I mean by the placement of the contours I just described, check out my photos and use them as a reference. For the finishing touches of the contour, I connected the tops of the nose contour all the way up to where each of my eyebrows start and up past them onto the forehead in small arches. These contour arches connected up to where my horns were and I lightly blended the shadow at the edges. On the neck, all I did was coat on a couple layers of red body paint and let it dry to be covered with…


Just because we’re wearing Devil makeup doesn’t mean we can’t be girly and glam with a little glitter…or a lot. My glitter is from good ol’ Walmart. I got both fine glitter and chunky glitter. First, I went around the most pigmented edges of the face contour lines and laid down some eyelash glue. Once that was tacky, I pressed the glitter on by wetting a small brush with Ben Nye Fix Plus, dipping into the glitter, and pressing it on top of the adhesive. After that was set in place, I spread the edges of the glitter out just a bit toward the majority of the shaded areas. I also pat on the adhesive and glitter around the perimeter of the base of each horn.


Okay, we’re in the final stretch of this look. Taking the same red Cherry Cola shadwo, I blended it across my whole lid and crease to create a really blown out effect. I then used the L.A. Colors black liquid eyeliner to create an exaggerated wing on both eyes. I also took the liner into the inner tear duct and inward toward the nose, connecting the top and bottom lash lines. This cat-like shape helps to make the eyes look more sultry and mysterious, keeping with the galm theme. I also made another line under the whole lower lash line and connected it to the long wings. Don’t forget to add the same white highlight we used on the cheekbones onto the inner corners of the eyes.

Now is the fun part. For this, you’ll want to make sure your brush is small and precise to really get in there and create the sharp lines we’re looking for in a devil’s tail and a pitchfork shape. Start on one eye, it doesn’t matter which, and draw on the little triangle for the devil’s tail. Make sure that is connected to one of your eyeliner wings. On the other side, try to make the points of the pitchfork around the same position as you put the tail on the first side so that they look fairly even in the end. Create three little triangles and connect them with a little “W”. Also connect that whole thing to the wing. You’re welcome to use my photos for help with the shapes, or just google some reference photos.

That’s all there is to it! I love this look so much because it is such a simple character, yet really striking and different. Its not often you see special effects meets glam come together in this unique glittery way. Stay tuned and meet me back here tomorrow for more 31 days of Halloween makeup!



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