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Day#23: Beetlejuice


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Day 23 of 31 days of Halloween is my take on a female Beetlejuice. In my book, it wouldn’t be a Halloween makeup challenge without including a character from the classic movie. This look is striking, yet really simple to achieve. I did want to keep the integrity of the character while still making this into a glam look.


I got my costume from Party City and it looked perfect paired with the makeup. For my hair, I pinned back each side and teased up the middle. My hair is black, so I had to spray on some white hairspray to get Beetlejuice’s greyish white color and then green spray on top, just at the roots. If you don’t want to take this route, I recommend a wig because pulling the hair into the costume as a whole is what will really sell it.


Beetlejuice is known to have deep purple and black rings around his eyes. Since the eyes are pretty much the main attraction and are quite smokey, I started with the eyes first. It better allowed me to wipe away any eyeshadow fallout I had on my face before applying my foundation. First, I primed the eyelids with the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in the shade Fair and set it with Anastasia Beverly Hills Banana powder, which you can find in the contour kit. Next I put down a dark purple base for the other purple and black shadows to go on top of. For that I used the L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil crayon in the color Vacation. After blending that color over the lid and lightly up into the crease, I packed the shimmery purple shade from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette on top. Using the black eyeshadow in the palette, I created a halo shape (depositing color onto the inner and outer corners and blending it in a halo shape through the crease, avoiding the lid space). In the top edge of the black halo, to blend it further and tie in more of a green element to the eyeshadow, I blended a bit of Urban Decay Mildew eyeshadow. Following that I put some Urban Decay Grifter  eyeshadow on the inner tear duct areas. To finish off the eyeshadow, I used a shimmery white called Polyester bride on the brow bone  to highlight. These colors are from the oldie but goodie Amo Palette. Follow the same process for the shadow under the lower lash line (purple, then black, then green). On the lower lash line itself, I made sure to put on a dark green eyeliner like the Italia Deluxe green eyeliner pencil in the color Green Frost

For eyeliner, I started by creating a medium black wing with the NYX Studio liquid eyeliner. After finishing the eyeshadow on the lower lash line, I drew another black wing coming from that bottom lash line. I was sure to leave a space between the two lines. At this point it should look like you have a little = sign on an upward diagonal coming from the outer corner of each eye. In the middle of those two black lines, draw a white line. You can use a white liquid eyeliner like I did, with the Lime Crime Lunar Sea liner, or you can use body paint. After the eyeliner is all dry, put on some false lashes. Mine are the Arielle Lashes by Flutter Lashes.


The rest of the face is relatively simple and “normal”. For foundation I used the L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation and the Dermablend Intense Powder Camo in the color Ivory to set. Pretty heavily, I contoured with the Saucebox dark grey color. That went in the hollows of my cheeks, under my chin/jawline, nose, temples, and collarbones. For blush, I went with a La Femme blush in the color Orchid Ice. The highlighter I used on my cheekbones was actually an eyeshadow I used earlier on the eyes called Polyester Bride. For the lips, I just kept them nude and even colored with foundation to help mask the natural lip color.


The brows are the most whimsical element of the look and really scream Beetlejuice. First, I filled my brows in with the Maybelline Master Precise felt tip liner on brows. I then colored on top of brows with L.A. Colors Jumbo eye pencil crayon in the color summer time (green) just to give a nice green, greasy sheen to the brows. After that was dry, I grabbed my white liquid liner again. I tried to simulate little maggots with these white lines, but ultimately they came out looking more like lightning. Anywho, I created a wavy white line that appeared to be threading through the eyebrow, lapping under it and over it. This little details makes a world of difference. 


Now for the “moss’ element of the makeup. I wanted to keep this look very glam, so I didn’t glue real moss onto my face, but rather simulated it using a green grease paint and a texture sponge. With an irregular sponge I picked up from the craft store, I stippled on the green color from the Ben Nye Bruise Wheel. I put this in random spots and in little cluster-like groups, mainly at the outer areas of the face and around the mouth. Don’t forget to take this moss color all the way down onto the neck as well.

That’s really all it takes to be a sexy female Beetlejuice. I love how it came out and I hope you enjoyed learning about it. I’ll see you tomorrow for more 31 days of Halloween!

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