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Day#17: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Day 17 to the rescue! I can’t believe we’re this far along with 31 Days of Halloween! In honor of the Wonder Woman movie coming out this year, I wanted to channel my inner Gal Gadot and create this look. This is perfect for a last minute costume idea and is striking when you take the time to paint on the head piece like I did. You’ll only need a few products and about an hour to complete it start to finish. Here we go.


Since I didn’t wear this out and only did it for photos, I really didn’t wear a costume, but I would have picked one up from the local costume shop or Party City. You can even wear red white and blue of any kind with this makeup and you’d still be recognizable. That’s what makes this such an awesome option for a last minute Halloween look. If your hair isn’t dark brown or black like mine, you may want to opt for a wig. If not, at least curl it to give that bombshell super hero vibe. I used the Nume curling wand to do this.


The face makeup on Gal Gadot in the movie is very natural, so I went with the same theme. For foundation, I used the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. For contour and highlight, I kept it pretty subtle, using the Fenty Beauty Match Stix. The shade Amber for contouring my cheekbones, jawline, nose and temples, and the shade Linen for highlighting under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, on the forehead, and the center of the chin. After blending that all together, I set it with my Dermablend Intense Powder Camo in the shade Ivory and set under my eyes with my favorite RCMA No Color Powder. I finished off the face with a natural powder blush my Milani in the shade Romantic Rose.

For the brows, I made them nice and bold like Wonder Woman’s with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown. The lips are up to you. In the movie, her lip color is super natural, but I wanted that bright red pop of color. For that perfect red shade, I used the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in the color Redrum. This dries down to a matte finish and won’t smudge around. That being said, I would wait til the very end to apply this.

I kept the eyes super simple. Prime with the MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot, lay down some translucent powder, and blend a soft light brown shade into the crease of the eye. Feel free to blend this under the lower lash line as well. I used the Morphe 350 Palette for this step. Curl your lashes and add some black mascara. False lashes are optional here. I opted to just stick with my natural lashes. Gal Gadot doesn’t appear to be wearing eyeliner in the movie, but do whatever version of Wonder Woman’s eyes suits you best.


For the head piece of armor/plate, I wanted to make it realistic yet achievable. So i’ll break it down into steps. 1) find a reference photo of the armor you want to do. You can use the one from the movie or the style of one from the comics. Step 2) create an outline with a thin, black, liquid eyeliner. Just follow the general lines in your reference photo. I used the L.A. Colors liquid eyeliner. Make sure you pay attention to placement in this step. I wanted mine to look as similar to the movie and to Gal Gadot as possible. For me, that meant placing the piece higher up on my forehead to give the illusion of a longer face that is more similar to Gal’s. This was my way of elongating my heart-shaped face. Do what you need to do to make it fit and best flatter your facial structure. Create the shape of the whole piece as well as the details inside (like the star and various divets).

Once your outline is complete, you’ll want to paint it with the Mehron Metallic Powder in Gold. As I explained in Day 16’s post, you’ll need the mixing fluid that comes with it, or 100% Pure Glycerin to activate the product into a paint-like texture. I used the Beauty 360 Pure Glycerin from my local CVS drugstore. Use a flat brush to paint this color between the outline lines of the armor. Once its dry, you can create shading on the pieces that you want to appear underneath or lower than another portion of the piece. Use a brown shadow from the same Morphe palette used on the eyes. The parts you’ll want to shade are under the star in the center (if you’ve chosen that design like I did), and the outer edges of the piece that curve around the sides of your head. If we imagine the light source coming from the front, there would be a shadow cast onto the sides since the head is round and the sides recede. You can also shade under the armor and on top of the armor itself to make it appear as if it is sitting on top of the skin.  

And that’s it! Nice and simple. Very few products and very few steps. You, too can be Wonder Woman. I’ll see you tomorrow for more 31 Days of Halloween Makeup!



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