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Day#19: Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Day 19 of 31 days of Halloween is an Ice Queen! This look does require quite a few different products and a little bit of time, but is not all that difficult. But how badass is this?! Stay tuned, keep reading, and you can be a bad ass ice queen too.


The prep time on this depends on how far you really want to take it, but the prep only took me about 20 minutes total. You’ll need a hot glue gun, hot glue, and a flat surface to work on. Keep in mind that you will need to peel the hot glue off of this flat surface once it’s dry. This is what we will be doing to make our ice queen headpiece. The idea is to make a little crown shape with icicles sticking straight up from it. To do this, roughly measure the front portion of your head to see how long your headpiece should be. Take a little gas on the curve of the headpiece, you can always move it around and adjust it once you get it on your head. On this flat surface, make a long line with the hot glue as a sort of headband, about an inch thick. From here, start making your icicles by dragging the hot glue gun from the headband portion down word and tapering off the edge. Do this over and over again in small little strips all spread out along the length of the headband. Make it shorter on either side and longer in the center to give a more crown looking shape. Set this aside to dru. Also, grab a sparkly tiara. You’ll be sort of shoving the hot glue headpiece between the crown and your hair so that it sticks straight up on your head. Now for the hair. Really it can be whatever you want. I kept mine long and semi-straight with a slight bit of backcombing at the top.

For the last part of the prep you’ll want to grab a set of super dramatic false lashes and paint them with either white body paint or Mehron Hair White. Set those aside to dry as well. The false lashes I painted are from Luxy Lash



Makeup time! Let’s do the easy part first. The face is pretty straight forward. I started with normal beauty makeup as a base and went in with more dramatic colors to contour and hightlight. Using the L’Oreal Pro Glow Foundation and L.A. Girl Pro Concealer in the shade Yellow, I created my even canvas. I set that all in place with the Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder.


Let’s move on to the eyes. Create a halo eyeshadow shape first by blending a grey color onto the inner and outer crease of the eyes. I used Slate from the Lorac Pro Palette for this step. I then darkened that up with the black shade from the same palette. I then spread an iridescent blue shade from Makeup Geek called Mermaid onto my lid. On the inner part of the lid I pat on a metallic silver shade, also from Makeup Geek, called Havoc. I made sure to also pat a white shadow onto the brow bone and inner corners of my eyes. The one i chose is Mehron Eye Powder in White. For my eyebrows, I just filled them in with my normal shape, except using black gel eyeliner this time. I used the Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Blackest Black for this. On top of these black brows, I grabbed a blank mascara wand and used it to lightly paint some Mehron Hair White onto the inner portions.

Under the eyes, theres a layering process of different colors and some glitter, so you’ll need some Vaseline and small detial brushes. I used the same Slate shade and Mermaid shade under my lower lash line. To create my glitter tears, I dipped my brush into some Vaseiline, then into blue glitter, and drug it down from my eyes in little streaks.


For the face contour, using blue, grey, and black tones will really make this ice queen look extra spooky. I started with a black eyeshadow to really fill in and darken my hairline, gently blending that downward. A bit lower, I blended a matte blue shadow, and then a more shimmery blue shadow (I believe the ones I used are discontinued shades from Saucebox Cosmetics…sorry). I repeated these steps with the three shadow colors for my cheek, nose, jaw, and collar bone contours.

Do the lips at the end, but when you do, use the Mehron Hair White on a lip brush to paint them completely white. White body paint also works but I found this to be more opaque. Once your white false lashes are dry, you can go ahead and glue those on with your favorite lash glue and coat your bottom lashes in the same white paint.


On my neck I just mixed the grey and blue colors together to give myself a dark base for the next step. This should be dark. Then, using a clean disposible makeup wedge, sprayed with Ben Nye Final Seal spray, I picked up some glitter and patted that onto the tops of my cheekbones. I took the same glitter and used the same technique to apply it all over my neck like a glitter choker/collar. The glitter I used for this whole look is a mix of blue and iridescent white from a large pack of glitter I got at Walmart. I then used a silver glitter to go over the cheekbones and collarbones to highlight them a bit more.


Now let’s get to the rhinestones! This part is toally up to you. You can make it as detailed and intricate as you want or as simple as you want. I just worked with what I had: a few larger blue stones, pearls, and clear stones.

My method with the eyes was to glue down one stone at a time in little rows, starting at the tear duct and working upward. I then made a second row on the outside of the first, closer to where by brow and nose meet. Using the same two row method, I covered my brow bones with clear stones as well. Adding some clear stones and pearls to my “tears” gave them a perfect finishing touch. And for the grand finale, the forhead piece…I just picked a general shape and went for it. Just follow my photos if you’d like to use the same placement, but its always fun to make it your own. Most importantly, make sure the shape flatters your face shape and the overall look. By the way, I used the adhesive that came with the stones from Walmart, but lash glue will work just fine for this.


Whew! We did it. 19 days down and only a few more looks to go. See you tomorrow for more 31 days of Halloween!


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