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Day#11: Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

Finally something a little sexy in the mix for day 11 of #31daysofhalloween with this Jessica Rabbit look! This is one of my favorites because its super fun and wearable for any Halloween party and its relatively easy to achieve. Here we go!

Start by completely blocking out your eyebrows. We want to draw in new ones to match our red wig later on, so that we get the effect of the super high-arched brows Jessica Rabbit has. For a fully detailed breakdown of how to block out your eyebrows, see this post. You’ll want to include concealer in your brow-blocking process if your brows are naturally dark like mine. In case you’re curious about what I used specifically to do this, I used the Kevin Acoin sensual skin enhancer to help hide my black eyebrows. Then, to blend them in with the shade of the rest of the face go in with foundation for the whole face, being sure to go over the brow area. I used the Hourglass vanish stick foundation in the shade Porcelain for my foundation and the Fenty Beauty Match Stix to contour and highlight. I used the shade called Amber to really make my a deep shadow under my cheek bones, under the jawline, and to make my nose appear smaller. I used the shade Linen to highlight the tops of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, in the center of the forehead, and the center of my chin, as I usually do for most beauty looks. Set the area with RCMA No Color Powder to set it all in place. You can also go in with a powder highlight and contour on top of the cream products, but its optional.

Now to draw on some new red brows quite a bit above your natural ones. I started with a fine detail brush and some Kryolan Aquapaint in a dark red color to thinly trace out the general shape of the brows. I kept the arches high but also made sure the shape made sense with my face shape- you don’t want to permanently draw on some weird surprised or sad expression if you don’t pay attention to the shape. Try to make them as symmetrical as possible. Create little upward strokes in the direction your natural brow hairs would grow, especially at the front of the brow. Fill in the area with Red La Femme blush and a brow brush. I get most of my La Femme products from here. You can also go in with a tiny bit of dark brown if your wig is a little more brown toned because you want it to sort of match.

The eyes are my favorite part! There is a bit of drag-style influence with this eye makeup and its so much fun to do. The dramatic shapes are what really make the cartoony vibe come to life. I primed my lids and under my eyes with the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in almost the lightest shade they make. Go one-two shades lighter than your skin tone as a general rule of thumb for concealer under the eyes. Start with a very sharpened black eyeliner pencil and trace out a half moon shape coming from the outer corners of the eyes up to where your natural brow tail is and finishing the line by continuing the half moon shape underneath the bottom of where your natural brow is. The reason it’s a good idea to use your brows as landmarks to help create your shapes is so that you can try to get them as symmetrical as possible on both sides. Use an angled brush to drag that color inward so that we start to blend out the beginning of our gradient eyeshadow. Now go directly up to the inside of that black line with the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in the shade Rockstar, which is a very dark purple. Smudge that color inward as well. Do the same on the inside of that color with the Santee Big and Smokey Shimmer Eyeshadow Stick in the color Purple. You want to cover the outer corner of the lid with this color. Go over each color with kind-of corresponding eyeshadow colors: a very dark shimmery purple eyeshadow from the Morphe and Jaclyn Hill Palette over the black line, Makeup Geek eyeshadow in the shade Curfew (a matte purple shade), over the dark purple pencil line and more light-handedly/blended over the Santee purple color. Next, take a tiny bit of concealer on a flat synthetic brush and carve out the inner corner all the way up to the purple shadow. Pat over that with a white eyeshadow and blend a pink eyeshadow between the white and the purple eyeshadow. I used a La Femme blush in Fuchsia for eyeshadow for this step. You may need to go back in with more purple to darken and blend so that it is a seamless gradient in the end. I’ve also seen photos of Jessica Rabbit with blue eyeshadow, but she’s more commonly seen in purple, so I went with that. Plus, since she has green eyes, the purple will compliment that color better. Speaking of green eyes, my contacts are from ttdeye in the color Queen Green. I love these and I use them quite a bit throughout this makeup challenge.


On the lower lash line, use the same black eyeliner pencil on the lower lash line. If it’s sharp enough, you should be able to drag a diagonal line inward, starting a the inner third of the eye. If not, do this lightly with liquid eyeliner. Smoke out the lower lash line in the same gradient pattern with the shadows we used earlier, going from darkest close to the lash line, to lightest. Use the same concealer on the inner corner/tear duct area of the eye, filling in the negative space we created with that diagonal black line. Pat over it with some white eyeshadow. You can better see what I mean by looking at my photos. Now, create a dramatic wing with a black liquid eyeliner. Mine is from L.A. Colors. Now coat your top and bottom lashes with mascara and pop on some lashes and that’s it for the eyes! Mine are the Blinking Beaute lashes in the style Mademoiselle with some Daiso false lashes stacked. Daiso is the Asian dollar store and its honestly a gold mine. Use any lashes you’d like to stack with- just make sure they’re fluffy-looking and super long on the outer edges. 


Go back to the face makeup for a second before moving on to the lips. I went over the tops of my cheek bones with a subtle highlight: Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC. My blush is that La Femme Fuchsia shade we used on the eyes. Put your wig and costume on now because the glitter lips may get a little cray cray if you try to put your wig on and change your clothes last. My wig is from Walmart, but I’ve seen nicer ones a Party City.


Finally, those lips! Overlining your lips slightly will give them that plump and luscious Jessica Rabbit look. Use the Milani color statement lip liner in the shade True Red. Fill the everything in with a red lipstick. I used the MAC limited Edition red color called Riri Woo from the Rihanna collection. You can stop here and it will still look beautiful, but I decided to amp it up a notch by adding some glitter. Since the lipstick I used is matte and not really creamy enough by itself for the glitter to hold onto, I patted some vaseline on top, all over. Then, I grabbed some finely milled glitter from Walmart in a red color and pat that on top of my lips. You might want to clean out the very inner edge of your mouth so you don’t get glitter all over your teeth and keep this in mind if you’re wearing this out and plan on eating or drinking.

For a finishing touch, I painted my hands with purple Kryolan paint from the same Aquacolor palette, but you could also just make sure to include actual purple gloves with your costume instead. Now you’re the iconic, sexy Jessica Rabbit! Happy day 11 of 31 days of Halloween and I’ll see you tomorrow for more!



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